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Learn the simplest way to trade Forex while having a day job.

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Why It Works

Trading The End-Of-Day Candle Close

Swing Trading

Low-frequency trading - no watching screens and charts all-day

Simple Price Action

Easy to understand concepts without fluff or fillers - ditch the complicated jargon

Daily Candle Close

End-of-day trading strategies - trade in less time and with less stress

Examples of Reversal, Breakout and Pullback trading setups

Elevate Your Trading

Learn the skills to read and trade candlestick charts like a PRO in any market condition or time frame.

Once you understand how to look at a candlestick chart the right way, you will realize that the market is not that unpredictable.

Master The 3 Pillars Of Trading Sucess

Independently of your experince, if you are struggling with your trading it will probably be because of 1 of the main areas.

Here you can find a compilation of information and resources to help you overcome your problems and become the trader you want to be.

The three pillars of successful trading
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