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The Most Powerful and Reliable Reversal Trading Pattern

Updated: May 11

In the dynamic world of trading, the ability to accurately identify reversal patterns is a valuable skill for both novice and seasoned traders. Reversal patterns signal a potential change in the current trend, providing opportunities to enter or exit trades advantageously.

In this blog post, I will share with you my favorite, the most powerful and reliable reversal trading pattern, detailing how it works and how to spot it.

What Are Reversal Trading Patterns?

Reversal trading patterns occur when the current trend of an asset's price is about to change direction. These patterns are critical for traders because they can indicate the end of a downtrend or an uptrend, presenting opportunities to profit from the new trend. Traders use these patterns to make decisions about entering or exiting positions, making them fundamental to technical analysis strategies.

Common Reversal Trading Patterns

These are some of the most universally accepted reversal patterns by the trading community.

  • Head and Shoulders

  • Double Tops and Bottoms

  • Triple Tops and Bottoms

  • Engulfing Candlesticks

  • Raising and falling Edges

  • Etc...

Every trader knows about these price patterns and how unreliable they can be.

The most Powerful Reversal Pattern

The most powerful and accurate reversal pattern that I see happening in the market frequently looks like a swing high, swing low, pullback for bearish setups or swing low, swing high, pullback for bullish setups. It looks something like this:

The best Forex Reversal Pattern
Notice the quick move against the trend, followed by a pullback and rejection. Typical Fib. Retracement.

This is my favorite reversal pattern because it's easy to spot, easy to trade and it's a high-probability setup.

It's also easy to understand, in its essence this pattern represents the market's exhaustion and inability to push past the previous swing high/low, and for this reason I name it, Loss Of Power.

Characteristics of Loss Of Power (LOP)

Because of many different variables, there aren't 2 patterns that look exactly the same but this is what I like to see:

  1. Green line - Market breaking past support/resistance and making a new high/low

  2. Blue line - Pullback into or past previous highs/lows

  3. Purple line - Rejection of that area

The most powerful Forex Reversal Pattern.

Ideally, we would want to get in as close as possible from the high/low of swing nr. 3 for a better Reward to Risk ratio.

For more information on how to trade this pattern and more, check this page.


Understanding and correctly interpreting reversal trading patterns can significantly enhance a trader’s ability to make profitable trades. The Head and Shoulders, Double Tops and Bottoms, and Engulfing Candlestick patterns are some of the most powerful tools at a trader's disposal. With practice and careful analysis, traders can use these patterns to spot potential reversals and make well-informed trading decisions.

As with all trading strategies, it's important to use reversal patterns in conjunction with other technical indicators and fundamental analysis to validate your trading signals and manage risk effectively.


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